Come see Toree McGee Live in 2021!  Toree's debut Nashville EP, released in 2015, is available for download here:
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 New Album released this year!

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Created in the San Francisco Bay Area, this band boasts some of the most talented musicians working today.

RodeoHouse is THE "Rockin' Little Country Band".  They perform a mixture of Toree's NEW country rock releases, and covers ranging from Johnny Cash to Janis Joplin, Miranda Lambert to Patsy Cline, Jason Aldean to George Strait, Fleetwood Mac to Bruno Mars, and more.

Toree Says, “I want to blend my love of hard rock and country together. I have this heavy-hitting, gravelly tone I can get in my voice, and I don't want to lose that side of me.  Country has always been my favorite genre of music. That’s where I want to be, and bring a bit of my old style of rock with me.”

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